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Monuments and headstones are everlasting. O.T. Davis Monument, LLC understands the importance of memorialization. They tell who we are and where we come from, so finding the right one is exceptionally important. We offer a wide selection of monuments in various styles and materials so you can find the best one for your loved one.

Our selection ranges across single monuments, companion monuments, child monuments, and veteran monuments in various designs. What better way to show how important your loved one’s life has been than with a quality monument?

Monument Services

Take a moment to explore the custom monument services by O.T. Davis Monument, LLC.

  • On-Site Inscriptions-Date Of Death
  • On-Site Cleaning And Resetting Of Existing Headstones And Monuments
  • Bronze Refinishing
  • Hand And Laser Etching
  • Custom Designed Headstones
  • Premium Full Color Porcelain Photos With Lifetime Warenty
  • Sandblasting
  • Lithochrome

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Beautiful, Custom Memorials

O.T. Davis Monument, LLC wants to help you find the right monument to express the achievements of a lifetime. We offer single monuments, companion monuments, child monuments, and veteran monuments in various designs. What better way to show how important your loved one’s life has been than with a quality monument?

Monument Markers

Flat Markers
Flat markers are a simplistic design that rests very low or flush to the ground. There are some cemeteries that require this type of monument to be used for both a uniform appearance as well as ease of mowing.

Bevel Markers
Much like the flat style monuments, beveled monuments rest low to the ground, but are slanted or beveled slightly for ease of finding and reading; it also adds for a unique touch of character.

Slant Markers
Slanted monuments are a form of upright monument that slants upward for ease of reading. These also feature a large tablet for inscriptions. We offer our slant markers in several styles including companion, single, and others.

Monuments are not just for people but for all things loved. To show love and honor for a lost pet, O.T. Davis Monument, LLC offers pet markers in the style of a large, front-facing monument. With this style, you can easily add custom engravings, inscriptions, and designs.

Monuments Types

Upright Monuments
As their name implies, upright monuments showcase a large, tablet-like front that stands upright.
There are several styles to choose from such as vertical upright monuments which are a bit taller, and horizontal monuments. Horizontal monuments are commonly utilized for companion headstones.

Bench Monument
Often used as a memorial as well as a grave marker, bench monuments are seen as a comforting place to sit peacefully and reflect on memories shared. Our bench monuments can be custom engraved and range in colors and styles. We also offer cremation benches.

Bronze Monuments
Often used for public memorials and veteran monuments, bronze is a rich, striking material that adds warmth and comfort to any headstone.

We provide bronze plaques and memorials to serve as beautiful emblems for lost loved ones.

Civic & Civil Memorials
Civic memorials are monuments that represent the sacrifice and service of veterans, significant events, and sacred places to serve as a token of honor and commemoration for those persons and significant events.


O.T. Davis Monument, LLC is so sorry for the loss of your child. We want to help bring comfort to your family by offering monuments that are tailored for your beloved child or infant.

Religious Monuments
Monuments should reflect the life and beliefs of those they represent. Let us customize your monument specifically to that of a loved one with religious engravings, designs, and scriptures.

Mausoleums & more

Columbariums are unique, meaningful structures that beautifully house urns and vases of lost loved ones. They can be seen as free-standing units or built within mausoleums.

Mausoleums are free-standing structures that serve as an enclosure or burial chamber to house loved ones in the form of entire graves, urns, or vases.

For those considering cremation, let O.T. Davis Monument, LLC help you find a meaningful vase that resonates with you or your loved one. We offer a variety of styles, colors, and materials.

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We offer truly one-of-a-kind monuments at O.T. Davis Monument, LLC with our custom designs. Our experts can custom design any stone of your choosing.

At O.T. Davis Monument, LLC, we house a variety of stone colors to personalize your monument, beautifully. From classic greys and blacks to rose blush colors, the options are without end.

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