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Create An Everlasting Memory

Creating a memorial allows you to express respect and love for someone who touched your life. O.T. Davis Monument, LLC wants to capture the essence of your loved one through our monuments. We all live a unique and special life and that should be preserved for generations to come. That's why with O.T. Davis Monument, LLC, you'll receive quality workmanship, friendly service and the finest stones at reasonable prices. We would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

We take pride in offering our clients a beautiful, eclectic range of headstones that come in a variety of materials such as bronze, marble, and granite. We strive to ensure our stone monuments tell the unique story of a life well lived; we want your memorial to perfectly represent you or your loved ones to create a place of comfort and nostalgia.

O.T. Davis Monument, LLC is now under the management of Ryan and Jen Daube who are proud to carry on the monument tradition.

Meaningful Monument Designs

Our Selection & Services
Making memorialization a truly meaningful experience... means creating a personalized permanent memory of a loved one's life. From a classic yet simple marker to a large statue, each is a unique one-of-a-kind celebration of life. Not celebrated for a day... but celebrated for eternity.

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Create An Everlasting Memory

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  • Upright Monuments
  • Benches
  • Bronze Memorials
  • Civic Memorials
  • Civil Monuments
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  • Infant Memorials
  • Pet Markers
  • Colibariums
  • Mausoleums
  • Cremation Benches
  • Vases


Our Family Mission

Our family-owned and -operated mission is to provide grieving families, pet owners, business owners, etc. with an exquisite, divine, and admirable forever piece of history to memorialize for life. Whether it be a monument, marker, or any sort of sign, our family takes much gratification in providing the best service no matter the job.

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